Eastern Colorado Antelope

In the vastness of Eastern Colorado in great abundance lives the speedy pronghorn. For those patient enough for the long water-hole sit archery hunting may be your challenge. We are fortunate enough to have over the counter tags to guarantee the archer an opportunity to hunt. Rifle hunters will want to inquire about our many landowner voucher tags if preference points are not an option. Short story is we have plenty of places for you to hunt. Hunters can expect bucks in the 70's with last years top buck pushing 80 inches.

Eastern Colorado Antelope
Eastern Colorado Lodging Eastern Colorado Lodging

Lodging varies from rustic farm houses, lodge style facilities like the photo, to on location hotels. Hunters can expect rates of $50/night, plan to stay on location. For specific units please ask what we use for accomodations as it all varies.

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Hunt TypeGuide RatioDurationInformation
Archery2:13 daysroom & board not included
Rifle2:13 daysroom & board not included
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