Colorado Elk

As many of our satisfied clients will attest, this elk hunt could be like nothing you have ever experienced. From 300 head of elk in alfalfa on a misty morning to as many as 25 bulls lined out together, with more than a couple of 330's in the bunch, you won't see this in many other places. If your intention is to harvest a mature 6-point bull, this hunt is a no-brainer! No preference points are required; licenses are by draw only. Ask about mule deer combo hunts.

Colorado Elk
Colorado Lodging Colorado Lodging

Hunters stay in this brand-new, local Days Inn. Spacious, comfortable rooms. Our hunters receive discounted rates and are only 20 minutes from our hunting locations.

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Hunt TypeGuide RatioDurationInformation
Archery1:15 daysWellington Days Inn
Muzzleloader2:1 and 1:15 daysWellington Days Inn
Rifle2:1 and 1:15 daysWellington Days Inn
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