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Rob has been with Atkinson Expeditions from its beginning and has a longstanding, reliable reputation with our team, landowners, and clients. He grew up in the Fort Collins area and now lives with his wife and two daughters in Wellington, Colorado. Rob is a veteran hunter and mule deer nut who grew up hunting some of the very properties on which Atkinson Expeditions operates. His loyalty, dedication, and professionalism are a big part of AE being what it is today.
Tim was born and raised in South Eastern Colorado which is home to some of the best mule deer hunting in the world. From a very early age Tim was wandering around the sage and CRP with his family looking for Mule deer, whitetails, antelope, pheasants, quail, coyotes and bobcats, and also spent a lot of time hunting ducks and geese. And at 15 he harvested his first 300 class bull elk. He is always ready for a challenge and will do just about anything to help you get your trophy.
Tim Howard
Raised on the eastern plains of Colorado, Jeremy Fiscus was scouting for deer, coyotes and antelope with his dad from his carseat. At age 8 he had a small game license in his pocket and at age 12 he took his first deer with a bow. Jeremy, who’s been guiding since the age of 21, is a passionate hunter and loves helping outdoorsmen achieve their goals. He has guided in CO, NM, WY, NE and Sonora. A recent and valued addition to the Atkinson Expeditions team, Jeremy looks forward to every minute of getting to do what he loves as a job.
Wes grew up roaming the hills of northwest Colorado where his dad taught him to hunt and fish. He and his wife Rachelle began Atkinson Expeditions in 2002 and live in Wellington, Colorado. Wes’s insatiable passion for catching trout on dry flies and his driven addiction to playing the game of pursuing giant mule deer fuel the fire behind Atkinson Expeditions.
Jerome grew up in Littleton Colorado hunting and fishing with his dad. When he moved to Gunnison for college, that passion erupted into a full blown obsession. Jerome’s unique ability to take a high-stress situation and make it downright hilarious helps the Atkinson Expeditions team keep the rigors of hunting season in perspective. While Jerome enjoys the pursuit of all the game Colorado offers, mention trolling for lake trout in big water and you’ll definitely have his attention!
Raised by a game warden in northeast Colorado, Casey developed an early respect for the outdoors. He brings to the AE team a willing attitude to do whatever he can and a lighthearted approach to the task of putting monster animals on the ground. His hunting skill combined with these characteristics made him the 2010 winner of the Atkinson Expeditions’ staff Lucky Horseshoe award. Personally, he’s had the fortunate accomplishment at his young age of harvesting a world-class Alaskan Dall sheep.
Sam grew up in the sand hills of central Nebraska on the prestigious Pitzer Ranch. This quarter horse and working cattle ranch has been in the family for 4 generations. Ducks, geese, pheasants, turkey, whitetails and mule deer all inhabit the Pitzer Ranch. From an early age Sam was out in the Cedar River hunting and trapping whenever possible. Sam has also gone on three trips to Africa, taking both plains and dangerous game. One notable accomplishment was harvesting an elephant at 10 yards in 2009. Despite the adventures of the world, Sam’s real passion is for mule deer and waiting for that magic moment when he is able to wrap his hands around a true giant.

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